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July 13, 2021
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July 13, 2021


Source Thermometers from One of the Best Thermometer Suppliers

Hainan Medikament Trading Co., Limited (Hainan Medikament) is among the leading thermometer suppliers in China. Hainan Medikament was established to offer its customers a range of products including syringe pump and thermometers at affordable prices. Our carefully manufactured thermometer range covers various industrial sectors.

What Sets us Apart


Innovation in retailing thermometer supplies has been our forte. When we kicked off in the medical industry 12 years back, we were among the first thermometer suppliers. We had robust business facilities around the email and website. When the internet took the business world by storm, our systems were already in place and all we needed to do was to upgrade our website.

Professional Team

We remain at the forefront of thermometer manufacturing, which is backed by an experienced team of purchase specialists in this industry. So, rest assured, whatever you need to buy from our website, it will be at the most affordable price.

Congenial Business Relationship

We make sure one-time customer converts into repeated buyers. We have more than a decade of strong business relationships with the best thermometer suppliers and in a few cases, we are the major distributor of medical thermometers.

Why Choose Us


With around 12 years of experience, we have our hands on customers’ pulse. We know what clients require and thus we manufacture our thermometers accordingly. Being one of the few experienced thermometer suppliers functioning in Hainan, China, we make sure we produce every thermometer with zero error.

Global Clientele

Apart from local customers, we have expanded our business to overseas market. We have clients in 20 countries from North America, Middle East, and Europe. Word of praise and positive online reviews keep us going.



Our safe and accurate,flexible tip,digital thermometers come with patented feverline technology, dual scales, fast5second readings,and jumbo backlit screens,making them easy to read.The waterproof ti allws forsafe use oraly,rectaly,and axllay,and is easyt clean.Our highlyautomated production line alws us to ensure competitiv Pricing.

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