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July 12, 2021

China Professional Manufacture CAS 50-99-7 Food grade Dextrose Anhydrous Glucose

Description: Anhydrous Glucose


CAS No.:50-99-7


EINECS No.:200-075-1

Place of Origin:China

Type:Acidity Regulators

Model Number:FCHE-3

Shape:White crystalline powder

Product Grade:food grade

melting point:153 – 158ºC

boiling point:410.797ºC at 760 mmHg

storage condition:2-8ºC ,dry and clean environment


Best Quality Dextrose Anhydrous Suppliers

Hainan Medikament Trading Co., Limited (Hainan Medikament) is among the leading dextrose anhydrous suppliers in China. With over a decade of experience, we have all the ingredients to become your business partner for a long period.

What is Dextrose Anhydrous?

Dextrose anhydrous D-glucose is a form of white crystal that uses starch as raw materials. After corn starch is transferred into dextrose syrup by adopting the technique of double enzyme, it still requires processes like discoloring, removing residues, removing salts via ion exchange, then further through crystallization, dehydration, concentration, dispersion, evaporation, etc.

Food grade dextrose is used widely in every kind of food and beverage supplanting sucrose as sweeter and as raw materials in our pharmaceutical factory to sorbitol and manufacture vitamin C, etc.

Features and Structure of Dextrose Anhydrous

Dextrose is:

  • white solid (crystalline powder),
  • taste sweet (the sweet is nearly sucrose 69%), and
  • easily soluble in water, and soluble in ethanol

What Sets us Apart


As one of the top dextrose anhydrous suppliers, we are responsible for

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Info About Anhydrous Glucose

As an anhydrous glucose selling company, we are responsible for our

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As a responsible anhydrous glucose supplier, we solve create value and social issues to social development. We create qualified chemical products and we never compromise quality to attain economic benefits. We offer to create value and excellent service to our clients.

As an employee-centric glucose dextrose powder seller, we are responsible for our staff by aiding them to grow in the right way and offering them a good working position. We also show responsibility towards environmental preservation.

Innovation as Glucose Dextrose Powder

As a promising anhydrous glucose manufacturer, we must be innovative in:

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We believe that innovation is the only way we can catch in these technologically advanced times.  To make the difference as a glucose dextrose powder, we are continuously innovating. At Hainan Medikament, we learn about the latest information every day.


To remain among the best Chinese dextrose anhydrous suppliers, we always have a pursuit for perfection. We constantly how can we offer better anhydrous glucose or glucose dextrose powder.

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