glucose dextrose powder
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September 15, 2021
glucose dextrose powder
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November 30, 2021

7 Ways How to Retain Existing Customers for Dextrose Anhydrous Suppliers

glucose dextrose powder

How to Retain Existing Customers for Dextrose Anhydrous Suppliers

Why would a satisfied and happy customer stop buying from you? Talking about average, most USA companies drop nearly half of their clients every five years. A study from Harvard Business Review reveals that 67% of clients who choose new suppliers opined they were satisfied with their ex-suppliers! The truth here is that a customer jumps where they want and stay where they get appreciation. These numbers can be applied to dextrose anhydrous suppliers.

Projections show that the cost of gaining new customers is around 6-10 times more than selling to existing clients. Losing a customer base can get a dramatic impact on a corporation’s credibility, referrals, reputation, sales, and profitability.

Seven Best Ways of Customer Retention

1. Ask customers what they want.

Never assume your customers know everything! Customer survey, in this respect, is an effective tool for understanding client needs and finding various ways to solve their issues.

2. Reward client satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction has to be the priority for dextrose anhydrous suppliers; establish this in front of your team too. Also, develop a mechanism to measure it, set your goals for improvement, and reward your teams when the goal is achieved.

3. Hire the right workforce.

Have balanced staff interaction with your clients. Every customer contacting you is an opportunity itself to build or destroy your relationship. Make sure your team possesses excellent customer communication skills and has qualities such as empathy, flexibility, trust, and verbal communication proficiency.

4. Thank You.

It sounds obvious; however, always remember to say “Thank You” to your customers. Take a test and think, when was the last occasion you got a “thank you” note from a supplier you do business with?

This method can make a massive impact and says a lot about the company and the customer’s value.

glucose dextrose powder

5. Keep your customers connected. 

Do this by phone, mail, or email. The frequency might vary but each customer must get a ‘touch’ at least once every quarter.

6. Make customers feel appreciated.

Special offers or programs only for existing customers can do magic. New clients are essential for growth. However, you need to make sure your existing customers get some sort of VIP treatment.

7. Find opportunities to sell multiple products to your existing clients.

Upselling creates a believable perception that you are not a one-stop solution company. Researches show that upselling builds customer retention and loyalty. It’s also a massive way to improve revenue and profit!

Last Word

Finally, make sure everyone sees customer service as a responsibility in your company. Give training to your team on client service, as it always makes an impression. What type of impression they create is up to you.

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